We strongly recommend the Apple MacBook Air 13 as the best computer for a distance education student.

You can also access our program through an iPad and there are apps like ‘Scanner Pro’ which will enable you to take copies of your physical work and return them to the school electronically.

You could also use an iPad when it comes time to doing multimedia projects like movie making, audio interviews, and other creative tasks.

If you cannot afford to purchase an Apple MacBook Air 13 (or another Apple computer), you can use your existing computer so long as you have access to broadband or ADSL Internet.

Access to Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is now available free for all ACC students.

To access this offer, the student is required to:

  1. Follow the link - //
  2. Select "Find out if you are eligible"
  3. Enter your student email address(ie: [email protected])
  4. Once this has been verified, an email will be sent to their student gmail.
  5. Open the received email and follow the link provided in the email.
  6. Enter in your details, create a password and select start.
  7. Download the software

To access student gmail, which you will need for step 5 above: go to this website and use the configuration of:

  • Username: use your schoology id with the suffix
  • Password: the same one as your schoology password

The student is licensed and permitted to install and use the software on their own device, or up to 5 devices, for the duration of their enrolment with the school.