Learning anything new is typically daunting in the beginning. However, we provide comprehensive start up training so you can feel confident from day one in distance education.

The training takes place on your computer. With your permission, we are able to see exactly what you see and we work through any issues that you might have with accessing the school’s learning management system.

The training program covers the following topics:

Teacher assisting student over the phone
  • Accessing the school’s learning management system
  • Setting up your own profile in the school
  • Setting up a timetable so that you can have structure in your school day
  • Monitoring your teenager’s progress in their learning
  • Communicating with other students and finding other students with common interests
  • Accessing your school courses
  • Working through a typical lesson in distance education
  • Participating in a class discussion
  • Submitting work to your teacher
  • Accessing your online textbooks
  • Communicating with your teachers
  • Taking attendance in distance education

We have found that teenagers learn our system very quickly because they are comfortable in a technology-rich environment. The focus of our training is on the parent who is acting as the parent-supervisor. We’re happy to give you the time that you need to understand how it works.