So what does distance education look like from a student’s perspective?

You are enrolled in a Western Australian school as a full-time school student in grades 7, 8, 9 or 10 and you are completing the learning program of the school from home or from a place other than the physical school campus in Albany, Western Australia.


You attend classes by logging on to the school’s learning management system (https://learning.acc.edu.au). You will be taking the mandatory classes for students in Western Australia.

Teacher assisting student over the phoneYou will be working with other distance education students throughout Western Australia. You will be able to share your opinion and what you have learned in class discussions. You will be completing assessment tasks appropriate for the subjects including things like exams, essays, and multimedia projects (yes - we do work with Minecraft as well).

You will be attending a residential program which takes place on the school campus or at different campsites in the state (at an additional cost).

You will have the opportunity to build friendships with students your age and to talk about things that interest you outside of school. We have a vibrant, active and positive school community with lots of opportunities to talk about things like computer games, sports, TV shows, movies, books and much more.

Your workload will be very similar to a student in a private school with a high standard of academics. The difference will be that you will be able to work on your courses at a time of your choosing (we do provide a sample timetable and we highly recommend taking a structured approach to your learning).

When you need help, you will be able to communicate with your teachers primarily through the online messaging system but you can also contact the school via phone and you can even visit the school to meet with your teachers face-to-face. You will also get to meet your teachers at the residential program.

You will have a very clear understanding of what you need to do to succeed in the course. You will receive feedback on your work where appropriate. And you will receive two report cards per year (students do not receive a report card if they join mid-semester).