You don’t have to conform to the school schedule with distance education. You can do your work when and where it suits.

Having said that, you’ll probably start your school day between 7:00AM and 9:00AM (most students do). On average, it takes up to six hours to complete your work for the day (comparable with a regular day at school). You’ll want to take breaks during the day and maybe change your learning environment.

You can design your school day to suit you. We have setup the courses so that you need to complete two lessons per week per subject to stay on track during the school term. For example, by the end of week one you would be up to the end of lesson 2 in your subjects. Some subjects, like our Biblical studies course, have one lesson per week instead of two.

You can see what’s coming up in your subject. We work very hard to show you the entire school term at the beginning of the term so that you don’t have any surprises. We want you to succeed.