You don’t have to look far to meet someone who has been affected by bullying in school. Bullying changes everything. Your child can go from loving school and being engaged in the classroom to being fearful of even stepping foot onto the school grounds.

Example of student being bullied Bullying has terrible effects on how you learn. You don’t want to risk asking questions and being curious because you don’t what someone to laugh at you or to make fun of you.

Sometimes what we find is that bullying actually causes the student to become the “class clown” and a troublemaker. Usually this is a self defense mechanism used by the student. The bullied student figures that anything is better than being bullied.

Our online learning program offers a fresh-start to students who are experiencing the effects of bullying. It’s a way to create another option for learning away from bullying.

There are two things about our learning program that students who have experienced bullying appreciate:

  1. Firstly – students appreciate having a place where they can be judged on their ideas rather than the colour of their skin or their body shape.
  2. Secondly – students appreciate the ability to learn in an environment that is free from the threat of bullies. The home is the safest place to learn, surrounded by people that care.

Distance Education is great for rebuilding confidence while continuing to learn.